Lemmens Shardlow biosol certificates
* These certificates belong to Novozymes.


Lemmens Shardlow comes with extensive background in the Bio-enzymatic Cleaners arena. Having ventured into environmentally friendly products, we made a business decision to utilize natural products for the benefit of the cleaning industry.

Lemmens Shardlow is the only India based business entity trained and certified in the Novozymes' product offering. Novozymes Biologicals, USA, is an ISO 9002 certified company, that invests in considerable R&D in this field and has a product offering providing to a wide range of industry applications. These products are marketed under the brand name Biosol. We have been driven towards both ecological and human benefit and this has continued to remain our mission statement. Such world class product quality and effectiveness has helped us capture a considerable market.

Today we cater to customers across industries in order to provide for their cleaning and maintenance requirements. Our customers come from a range of business arenas including International janitorial suppliers, drainline cleaning, prominent restaurants, star hotels, popular food chains, large consumer firms, corporate houses, service providers, private and public institutions, carpet cleaners etc.

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