Lemmens Shardlow biosol certificates
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Odor control & deep cleaner
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Freshin is an odor control product available in the form of ready to use spray. It works in a two step action process first preventing odor causing compounds from vaporizing and second by consuming these compounds hence converting these into odorless cellular components. Freshin can be directly sprayed upon hard surfaces, and immediate results can be obtained. Once used upon, it is also effective in consuming soils and other odor causing residues that are left over on damp upholstery and carpets. A deep penetrative action facillitated by millions of friendly bacterial spores get to work upon spraying. Our product provides penetrative cleaning of surfaces including floors and carpets and also removes stains from fabrics with its non-resoiling cleaning properties. Used extensively in public restrooms, restaurant kitchens, sumps etc. Freshin provides an odorfree environment.

Multi - application cleaner
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Multikleen works in eating fatty acid linked grime. Unlike other cleaning products the biological nature of the product, enables tiny microbes to continously work on cleaning the desired surface. An ideal product for general floor cleaning and restaurant kitchens, Multikleen is perfect in removing residual organics such as grease, food spills, urine etc.

Multikleen has been an outcome of two years of research, and the bacterial spores hence cultured are seen to be the most effective biological cleansers. Fatty acids and oil residues accumulate quickly in tile edges and crevices. Chemical based enzymes only clear the surface and leave the difficult areas untouched. They often leave the floor slippery and lead to frequent accidents. The Multikleen product compared to its chemical counterparts creates visibly clearer results, kills potentially harmful bacteria and leaves the floor significantly less slippery.

Sump STP & ETP treatment and maintenance
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A product created exclusively for sump tanks, septic & sewage systems, Septikleen ensures continuous reduction in effluent and surface solids. Active biological seeding of the drains curbs odor and surface scum in 24-48 hours by continuous and increased organic breakdown.

Additionally the corrosive reactions created by harmful chemical reactants can be avoided. Also the applied area has 90-95% reduced odors along with a 50% reduction in total suspended solids. As compared to other products in the market, Septikleen is environment friendly and 100% biodegradable.
Septikleen provides the best in market cleaning solutions for sumps and sewage lines reducing chemical and biological oxygen demands along with comprehensive reduction in total suspended solids.

Extra - strength grease trap treatment & drain line treatment
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Often facilities have to provide continuous system backups and pumping for their drain lines and grease traps. Chemical cleaning agents only facilitate surface cleaning and do not provide complete unclogging and odor removal solutions. Greezgard is our extra-strength treatment product which via regular application delivers effective grease removal along with curbing bad odors in drain lines. It helps in breaking down long chain fatty acids that are present in oils, grease and fat.

Hydrogen sulphide, a key odor causing effluent gas is a by-product of organic breakdown. Only through persistent application of effective cleaning products can an odor-free environment be accomplished. Greezgard unblocks slow flowing drain lines as the product digests grease and scum from grease traps and drain lines.

Completely biodegradable Greezgard does not internally corrode pipe and trap surfaces.

Porous surface cleaner & degrader for mineral oil and stains
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Oil spills and petroleum residues always pose a tedious cleaning problem. Introducing Trakleen, a bio-enzymatic cleaner that is tough on mineral oil residue stains. Our product does not contain any harmful chemicals and is entirely bio-degradable. Trakleen reduces cleaning time by increasing contaminant bio-availability and initiating quick bio-degradation. Devoid of any petroleum solvents, Trakleen is ideal for cleaning machine equipments, vehicles, hard concrete and other industrial floors.

When used in combination of other recommended bio-remediation products such as Hard Surface Cleaner for Mineral oil, it becomes additionally effective in removing hard industrial oil stains. Available with a Floral aroma, Trakleen instantly removes ugly stains and leaves your floor clean.

Spot Gobbler
Carpet and fabric stain & odor remover
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Evident in its name, Spot Gobbler provides instant removal of tough stains and provides immediate odor control. An entirely innovative formulation Spot Gobbler enables surface cleaning along with clearing trapped residual organics over one single application. Like our other BEC products, Spot Gobbler is completely bio-degradable and hence nature friendly.

The product provides deep cleansing of fabrics via pore penetration, and reaches underlying surfaces in order to clean residual contaminants. Key feature of Spot Gobbler is its ability to work on instant application, ideal for your carpets, upholstery, draperies and paneling.

Organic waste degrader for portable toilets & W.C's
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Our product Portakleen is designed specifically for portable toilets within functional facilities. It disintegrates organic wastes and curbs more that 95% of odor generated. A safe substitute for harmful chemical solutions such as formaldehyde and other quaternary compounds. Completely bio-degradable, Portakleen does not incorporate any harmful chemicals.

Ideal for portable toilets in aircrafts, trains, ships, submarines, construction sites, marine holding tanks and recreational vehicles. Portakleen degrades organic wastes effectively by reducing more than 80% surface scum and 50% bottom solids. You can hence eliminate costs accrued by back-ups and pumping. The product is entirely non-corrosive in nature and also provides consistent odor control measures along side.

Extra strong odor eliminator & deep cleaner
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Odor-X, like the name suggests eliminates odor entirely. A product formulation that is currently a pending patent, Odor-X is our complete foul odor removal solution. Composed of natural BEC ingredients it is entirely bio-degradable. Unlike other freshening products, Odor-X attacks odor causing effluents such as amines, ammonia, mercaptans and hydrogen sulphide at the source.

Ideal for application at garbage & waste dump areas, odor caused at water damaged surfaces and also fire and smoke odors. Devoid of harmful chemicals or any masking agents, Odor-X facilitates instant odor removal with neutralization taking effect within 10 to 20 minutes.