Lemmens Shardlow biosol certificates
* These certificates belong to Novozymes.

Client Comments

Comment 1: “A major restaurant like us had been always concerned about the grease and oil residues that remained consistent after thourough enzyme cleaning. Multikleen provided us with both chemically and biologically cleaner kitchen surroundings.”

Comment 2: "Our line cleaning service has benefitted enormously with products from Biosol. We have provided quicker and cleaner drain line services thanks to their range of BEC."

Comment 3: “We are popular for providing quick customer orders. Avoiding slippery workfloors became our major concern since it lead to hazardous workplace scenarios. Multikleen solved this for us, and offered a cleaner and safer work environment.”

Comment 4: “Enzyme products have never been favoured by our janitors. Harmful both to their hands and the environment Biosol products have become part our green office initiative.”