Animal Health

Balanced vitamins for your livestock
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An important additive in livestock feed is vitamin and nutrient supplements. A balanced vitamin and nutrient supplement in the most advanced quality enables greater production standards and hence higher operational profits. A German based nutrition premix Miavit GmbH is now available in India, presently marketed by Lemmens Shardlow under the brand Miavit blends.

Miavit blends are an outcome of considerable research that has been specifically invested into the breeder, layer population requirements that are present within India. The vitamin premix Miavit is an ideal product blend that provides rapid action and is result oriented. Instead of providing and shelving multiple vitamins, a Miavit blend is made available in an effective concentration, and hence relieves increased storekeeping.
Ideal as a mineral and vitamin supplement for your livestock and poultry, Miavit is a safe and fast moving product.